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2020-69 in. Limited Edition Realistic Wind Dragon with LED Eyes

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  • Measures 69 in from head to toe
  • Hand painted featuring unique icy blue tones throughout
  • Includes spooky glowing LED lights

Legends come to life when you encounter this mythical creature of fantasy. The Wind Dragon is inspired by icy blue tones found in nature and emits the coolest of vibes. It's piercing blue eyes and amazingly detailed features will captivate any and all who love dragons.

  • Intricately sculpted from head to toe and enhanced with blue tones throughout the piece, this mythical dragon is a stylized and unique piece unlike any other.
  • The Wind Dragon measures 69"H from head to toe
  • Icy blue LED lights illuminate the eyes for a startling effect
  • Fog is enhanced with blue LED lights when emitted from the mouth
  • Adaptor Included
  • Fog machine and hose included
  • Signed, numbered collectible certificate included with purchase