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Halloween Costumes

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Our brand new Morph costume halloween skeleton with a motive of glowing skeleton is best costume, which you can buy. This skeleton suit glows in the dark, which is absolutely perfect and original choice for Halloween or if you want to make scary mood for any party. Carnival Morph Costumeswhich are the best for Halloween, carnival, discotheque, in a club, at a party or festival are the most right investment for you if you want to take attention and be especially cool. Suitable as a special gift for loved ones. Costumes can be bought online in our e-shop. And get ready for a lot of photos and videos because you´re gonna be in the center of attention.

morph kostym skeleton

Costume Carnival - double stitching all around the inside of the costume ensures long life, while two zippers allow quick and easy morphing and demorphing. Special combination of materials ensures bigger attractivity of suit and 13% spandex (elastane) guarantees not only great design, but a comfortable wearing too.

Costumes were carefully designed by our secret elastane mix, which means that our costume fits you better, last longer and bring you hours of fun. With so many great patterns you can Morph to your favorite superheroes, amazing animals and scary Halloween monsters.

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More fun, more action, more friends, more stories and experiences
Made from the highest quality materials for maximum comfort and durability.

morph carnival costumes table sizes

Morph suit does not fit as well as regular clothing! Please carefully look at our size chart to be sure that you choose the right size. Choosing of morph costume is based on the height, so do not worry if you have a larger or smaller dress size.